About Professor Frank J. Lovicu

The road to maintaining good health for life comes from studying disease by first gaining a better understanding of the intricate molecular mechanisms leading to the formation and maintenance of healthy tissues.

Professor Frank Lovicu is internationally recognised for his research on the cell and developmental biology of the eye lens and how disruptions to the normal patterns of lens cell proliferation and differentiation (that are essential for lens transparency) are perturbed in lens pathology (cataract), leading to blindness.

Frank Lovicu is located in the discipline of Anatomy & Histology where he heads the Lens Research Laboratory. His research is focussed on understanding the normal and pathological developmental biology of the eye lens, specifically the role that growth factors play in regulating lens cell behaviour, leading to cataract. His research performance to date is highlighted by 85 peer-reviewed research articles, and textbook chapters. He has also edited specialist textbooks on lens developmental biology and also on cataract. His research has been supported by competitive NHMRC project grants, as well as funding from NIH (USA), the Vision Cooperative Research Centre, the Ophthalmic Research Institute of Australia and Ramaciotti Foundation. Prof Lovicu's international recognition is evident from regular invitations to organise and chair paper sessions, as well as present his work at major ophthalmology meetings around the world. Attendance at these meetings has resulted in a high international standing in the field with many international collaborations, as well as invitations to assess national and international competitive research grants, as well as invitations to edit books, and review research articles in highly ranked ophthalmology, cell and developmental biology journals. As a university academic, Professor Lovicu constantly strives to provide a productive learning environment to facilitate the intellectual development of undergraduate and postgraduate students. In his capacity as Academic Leader (Postgraduate Research) he has provided support and guidance to countless HDR students in Anatomy & Histology, and the wider School of Medical Sciences. He has a growing, dynamic laboratory and to date has supervised/co-supervised 30 Honours and 6 Graduate Diploma students, 7 Masters students and 16 PhD students, as well as research staff.

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Selected publications

For a comprehensive list of Associate Professor Lovicu's publicatons, please visit his Sydney Medical School profile page.