About Associate Professor Karl Ng

Imaging has given great windows to neurological structure but neurophysiology remains the definitive functional test of neuronal function. It also facilitates an understanding that makes one a better neurologist

My primary interest is in neuromuscular disorders and in nerve and muscle excitability techniques. These methods are an elegant way of demonstrating neuronal function non-invasively, giving information about nerve and muscle membrane potential and channel function.

I have over 50 publications in high impact factor peer - reviewed journals. I have completed a PhD in peripheral axonal excitability and the way it can be affected central and peripheral neurological disorders. I mentor 2 PhD and 4 MPhil students presently.I am committed to supporting my research students and to help them build a research understanding as well as a research portfolio.

Selected publications

For a full list of Dr Ng's publications please see his Sydney Medical School profile page: link here