About Associate Professor Chris Roberts

I am committed to the career development of PhD students and junior academics interested in medical and health science educational research within the University of Sydney. Over the last five years, I have maintained a group of PhD students both as a principal and associate supervisor, with five completions, in areas related to professionalism, interdisciplinary research, and assessment. Four current PhD students are undertaking doctorates in aspects of assessment. I am experienced in both quantitative and qualitative research. I am particular interested in discussing theses by publication.

My current research output has focused on medical and health science education, and latterly on the prediction of subsequent professionalism and clinical performance from the entry-level assessment of medical and dental students as well as postgraduate trainees. My second main area is exploring the impact of newer models of clinical teaching. My own PhD explored the use of the then novel Internet as a means of professional development for primary care teams. I am well regarded in the Australian and International medical and health science education community, and have championed the importance of robust assessment of learning and the importance of multi-disciplinary working. I have received more than $2 million over the last 10 years in evaluative research funding and published more than 50 research papers. I am currently CI on a study to evaluate the impact of the National Assessment Centre approach for selection into GP registrar training, funded by General Practice Education and Training. I am an Investigator on a Commonwealth Office of Learning and Teaching project developing interprofessional team based assessment of healthcare students. My initial career in the UK was in health services research. I have recently returned to the area of health services research and am an investigator on a National Heart Foundation funded randomised control trial in GP/ Community Pharmacist collaboration. I am also CIC on an NHMRC Partnership grant concerning a complex multi-disciplinary approach to falls reduction in the aged.

I have been a full-time academic since 2000; prior to that health service providers employed me. The discipline of medical and health sciences education is a relatively new but expanding discipline. Australia is making a modest contribution to the research literature, the bulk of studies coming from North America, the UK and Europe. I have maintained a significant research output despite heavy service and administrative loads.

Google Scholar reports that I have 492 citations since 2009 with an H Index of 12. My career H Index is 17 with 841 citations. I have published 53 articles in peer-reviewed journals, and three book chapters.

With a small group of international academics, I have developed a well-regarded international consensus on how to analyse large-scale assessment in health professional education, and an international consensus on developing international standards for health professional assessment focused selection procedures. I am part of a distinguished group of scholars currently considering a further consensus paper on the technical issues of reporting complex aggregates of assessments of student performance.

My expertise in selection focused assessment research has seen several invites as a keynote speaker, and symposium contributor to leading medical education international conferences. I was recently invited by the Saudi Health Commission to write a policy piece on selection procedures for healthcare professionals in that Kingdom, demonstrating my international impact.

On the basis of my assessment research expertise I am an invited member of ASPIRE - A Medical Schools Program for International Recognition of Excellence in Education. ASPIRE is a new initiative of the Association of Medical Educators of Europe and is designed to recognise international excellence in education in a medical school. I work with an international board of distinguished authorities in medical education, and have contributed to the development of criteria and assessment of excellence in medical schools from around the globe.

My expertise in selection-focused research has been further recognised in a three-year consultancy to the Commonwealth Funded General Practice and Education Training.

My expertise in student learning research was recognised internally in the University of Sydney by my secondment to a Directorship in the Deputy Vice Chancellor (Education) Office. I was also recognised in 2013 for the Vice Chancellor's award for support of the student experience for a project on peer assisted learning.

My health services research output, is recognised in my Associate Editorship of the Australian Journal of Rural Health. Current areas of research are in the lived experience of people and their families living with complex neurological diseases, falls prevention, and complex interventions

Selected publications

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