About Dr Lorraine Smith

1. Patient self-management of chronic conditions – models of patient centred care; goal setting. 2. Motivation and achievement goals of university students

Qualitative and quantitative studies of patient self-management of chronic conditions. Interventions designed to facilitate healthcare professional interactions to achieve patient-centred care. DIPEx Australia accredited researcher in qualitative research methods.

My most significant research contributions relate to (i) understanding the translation of current theories of chronic condition self-management and goal setting into health practice; (ii) identifying points of difference between the goals health care providers have for their patients, compared to those of their patients, (iii) the unique and combined contribution of goals and goal setting (type; specificity; difficulty; attainment) to health. My research into chronic condition self-management has revealed that mis-matches between patient and health professional goals for management and treatment are common. I have contributed to publications on this area and trained health professionals (nurses, pharmacists, mental health workers, general practitioners and physiotherapists) in the delivery of self-management programmes in which research has been conducted.

I have developed and evaluated a range of chronic condition self-management models. These models have been tested across a range of conditions (asthma, allergic rhinitis, type 2 diabetes, low back pain, mental illness), and in a range of healthcare settings (pharmacy, general practice, community mental health, physiotherapy). The findings of this research have provided invaluable data on patient needs, perspectives and goals relating to self-management and have resulted in numerous publications in peer-reviewed international journals.
The outcomes of my research have resulted in a significant contribution to our understanding of the health of people with chronic conditions and the roles that self-management and goal setting play, from both healthcare provider and patient perspectives. My expertise has been sought for research into the development, testing and analysis of goal setting, chronic condition self management and evaluation of consumer perceptions.

Selected publications

1. Cheung, M., Le May, K., Saini, B., Smith, L. (accepted for publication 27 March, 2014). Does personality influence how people with asthma manage their condition? Journal of Asthma.
2. Alrakaf, S., Rose, G., Sainsbury, E., Smith, L. (accepted for publication 1 February, 2013). What is the relationship between pharmacy students' preferred teacher qualities and their achievement goal orientations? American Journal of Pharmaceutical Education.
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