About Dr Michael Smetanin

Composer Michael Smetanin is one of the most distinctive figures in Australian music. During the early 1980s, Michael travelled to Holland to study for three years with the composer Louis Andriessen. There he composed The Ladder of Escape (1984) for Harry Sparnaay’s Het Basklarienetten Kollektief, which premiered at the 1984 Salzburg Aspekete Festival in Austria. He has been involved not only in the composition of chamber and orchestral music but also in theatre and opera. His largest works are the chamber operas The Burrow and Gauguin and the 2000 Adelaide Festival premiere of his music for the epic eight-hour play The Ecstatic Bible by English playwright Howard Barker. His piano concerto entitled Mysterium Cosmographicum was premiered by the Sydney Symphony Orchestra in 2005 and was awarded Best New Australian work at the 2006 APRA/AMC Music Awards. More recently, his large chamber orchestra work Microgrphia was premiered in Amsterdam by the Schoenberg ensemble, conducted by Reinbert De Leeuw, and he undertook a large music-theatre project with the Dutch ensemble Orkest de Volharding.

Selected publications

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