About Dr Ivan Zavada

Ivan Zavada is a composer, multimedia programmer and designer. His research focus is the interactive relationship between image and sound within the realm of electroacoustic music. Ivan is currently developing a computer application to represent and generate melodic motifs in three dimensions based on their geometric and spatial properties. He creates innovative multi-sensorial events that incorporate sophisticated audiovisual techniques to express artistic individuality in the digital era. His work InEx premiered in Beijing at the 2006 Musicacoustica festival and is an example of the vast creative potential of new mediums of artistic expression. This real-time performance for voice, computer and visual interpretation is based on a blending approach of traditional and urban connotations. In general, Ivan’s work questions the conceptual nature of music by examining the relationship between concrete sounds on a fixed recorded medium and visual elements of abstraction rendered in computer graphics. The combination of sound and image in multiple layers challenges the medium’s representational paradigm with the use of state-of-the-art technology and makes electroacoustic composition and multimedia applications particularly interesting and significant. Originally from Montreal, Quebec, Canada, Ivan Zavada moved to Sydney in 2004 to establish himself as a composer and lecturer at the Sydney Conservatorium.

Selected publications

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