About Professor Richard Kefford

I strive to discover effective drug treatments of melanoma

Rick Kefford is a Medical Oncologist with translational research program on molecular genetics of melanoma.

Professor Richard Kefford holds the Chair in Medicine at the University of Sydney, Western Clinical School. He is Director of the Westmead Institute for Cancer Research and Chair of the Division of Medicine at Westmead Hospital. He is Deputy Director of the Westmead Millennium Institute and Consultant Medical Oncologist to the Sydney Melanoma Unit, the world’s largest melanoma treatment centre, and the NSW Breast Cancer Institute. He founded the Department of Medical Oncology at Westmead Hospital in 1986 and the Westmead Institute for Cancer Research in 1996. He continues NHMRC and CINSW research into the molecular biology of melanoma. He is a Member of the WHO Melanoma Group, the International Melanoma Working Group, the Melanoma Genetics Consortium, ASCO, ESMO and AACR. He Chaired the Research Project Grants Committee of the Australian National Health and Medical Research Council for six years. He is a Member of the Executive Advisory Committee of the National Breast Cancer Centre and member of the Melanoma Guidelines Committee of the Australian Cancer Network.  He is author of over 140 peer-reviewed journal articles and has served as consultant to a number of interstate and international cancer organisations and biotechnology companies.

Selected publications

For a comprehensive list of Professor Kefford's publicatons, please visit his Sydney Medical School profile page.