About Dr Nick Fuller

As a researcher at the University of Sydney my work focuses on the causes, prevention and treatment of obesity and and associated physical and mental disorders

Having worked in the industry both corporate and academic for 12 years, I have experience investigating a broad range of topics including nutritional guidelines, dietary & exercise programmes, complementary and conventional medicines, commercial weight loss programmes, medical devices, bariatric surgery, satiety hormones, and the economics of physical and mental health. I have an outstanding track record in designing, collaborating, coordinating, and publishing clinical trials, as well as working with the media to disseminate and translate research findings. In light of my experience in establishing the efficacy and cost-effectiveness of metabolic disease treatments, I am continually involved in advancing the clinical obesity research program here at the University of Sydney (in the brand new Charles Perkins Centre), especially with respect to innovative and technological approaches, and the commercial application of research.

Working with a broad client portfolio, my team provides independent clinical analysis of emerging products and technology for the treatment of obesity and metabolic disease. Beyond just specialising in health economics, we provide clients with everything from concept to completion:
- Study design
- Scientific protocol writing
- Data analysis
- Publication of results in scientific journals
- Dissemination of results to the media

The importance of a holistic approach to the treatment of overweight and obesity is something I am particularly passionate about implementing, and dispelling the myth that one solution can fit all. There is a need to educate and disseminate research findings to general practitioners, as after all, they are often the first point of call for an person seeking help. It is important to establish the most cost effective treatment pathways based on individual needs. Away from work I practice what I preach, and compete at a national level in track & field.

Selected publications

For a full list of Dr Fuller's publication please visit his Sydney Medical School profile page: here