About Professor Manuel Graeber

Professor Graeber is both an experimental and human diagnostic neuropathologist. He was co-chair of the launch of the European Fellowship in Neuropathology. He also is a co-founding editor of Neurogenetics, the leading journal in its field.

Professor Graeber has worked and published extensively on microglia, Parkinson's disease and the history of Alzheimer's disease. His personal research has helped to settle the question whether microglia exist (de novo expression of myelomonocytic markers in their activated state in situ, 1990); he introduced the term "activated microglial cells" (1988) and was the first to discover complement receptor changes in a model of synaptic plasticity, the rodent facial nucleus (1988); he proposed the immune network concept (1990) and more recently the electrician concept (2010; Science 330: 783-788) of microglial biology. Professor Graeber has a particular interest in the role of microglia in glioma.