About Dr Yuan Min Wang

Dr Yuan Min Wang is a Senior Scientist and Senior Lecturer with a longstanding interest and track record in the role of regulatory T cells, genetic manipulation and transplant tolerance including human studies and mouse models of glomerulonephritis.

Dr Wang is a senior scientist with a longstanding interest in kidney disease and is leading a research group at the Children’s Hospital at Westmead. Her research aims to improve clinical outcomes of autoimmune renal disease for children by developing new therapeutic strategies. Dr Wang has made a number of important contributions in the area of regulatory T cells (Tregs) and DNA vaccination, including the first use of gene therapy to treat renal disease by conversion of Tregs Foxp3 transduction; the use of animal models to define novel regulatory pathways in renal disease including CD8 Tregs and gamma delta Tregs; Over the last 10 years, Dr Wang has led a program of research in Tregs and DNA vaccination in renal disease and transplant tolerance. Dr Wang has played a key role in developing nephritis models and a number of new techniques and protocols, the most important of which is retroviral gene transfer, which has been used to induce Tregs tested in renal disease and transplant injury models. She has developed a large number of genetic constructs used therapeutically in the DNA vaccine trials. She was the first to demonstrate gene therapy of Tregs and demonstrate that DC targets CD40 can protect against kidney disease by DNA vaccine. Her work has been recognized with collaborations, successful NHMRC grants and by invitations to speak and chair sections at local and international conferences.

Dr Wang is a Senior Scientist with a highly successful background in animal studies and genetic manipulation in renal disease. She currently holds dual roles as a Senior Scientist at the Kids Research Institute and a Senior Lecturer at the University of Sydney. Dr Wang was trained as a medical doctor and has a longstanding interest and track record in the role of regulatory T cells and DNA vaccination in renal disease models. She gained her PhD from the University of Sydney with her important studies in viral work in HIV and chemokines. Dr Wang was a Chief Investigator on five successful NHMRC project grants in 2007, 2009, 2010 and 2012 and 2015. She is a CIA for a successful NHMRC project grant commencing in 2015 to study regulatory T cells for four years. Her work has been published in JASN, J Immunol, EJI, KI and she has more than 50 publications (22 as first/senior author). She has been selected for prize sessions of the ANZSN for her work on regulatory T cells. She has been invited to speak at local and international meetings and have authored or been invited to write reviews in the area of Tregs and DNA vaccination.