About Associate Professor Jean Jonathan Bogais

Jonathan Bogais’ research lies at the intersection of ‘violence, conflict and compromise,’ with a focus on current knowledge translation processes in complex environments. His research is concerned with the need to discover, experiment and evaluate new methodologies and protocols to facilitate the process needed to analyse and translate knowledge available from research and on-the-ground evidence to make better use of, or create, new information management systems for decision and policy. It analyses the political, social, cultural and economic conditions in which drivers of change were allowed to enter seemingly non-violent spaces unchallenged - and the processes acting as catalysts for conflicts to develop, re-emerge or worsen. His research challenges the assumption that: “We think we know about violence..” by trying to understand why evidence on the ground often shows that we do not.

Research interests include: social change and social movements, relationships and connections between development and inequalities, dynamics of human rights violations, structural and political violence, ethics and protocols in humanitarian interventions, mediation and negotiations in complex environments, compromise - and geosecurity. His area of expertise is Southeast Asia and West Pacific.

Selected publications

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