About Associate Professor Ruth Phillips

Social structures, inequalities and social justice Feminism; Social policy, Global Social Policy, Third Sector Research (NGOs), The Korean Welfare State

I have supervised 19 Research Higher Degree students to completion. Many of these students were international students from a range of places around the world including from: South Korea, Japan, Thailand, Indonesia, the USA and Denmark.

Some of the topics of my past PhD students have researched includes:

  • Constructions of Meaning of Indigeneity in Indonesia
  • Postcolonial Feminist Analysis of Informal Education in Women’s Groups in a Maasai Village in Kenya
  • NGO Networking against Human Trafficking in the Mekong Delta Region

Current students’ research I am supervising includes:
  • (De)colonising civil society activism in postcolonial Uganda
  • Post-trafficking support for sex-trafficked persons in Thailand and Australia
  • NGO Accountability towards service users – case studies in Ethiopia and Kenya

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Selected publications

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