About Dr Louise Katz

Dr Louise Katz has completed a Doctorate of Creative Arts at UTS titled, Mind the Gap, which explored liminal spaces and conditions. Her research interests include: monsters and monstrosity in literature and politics; cultural impacts of ‘newspeak’ forms in the academic and wider community; theories of creativity, and the relationship between creative and critical writing processes, and has published articles and book chapters in these areas. Louise has previously supervised Masters and candidates in Creative Writing, specialising in literary, YA, speculative, and crossover fiction. She is currently assisting a Doctoral student working on a novel due for submission later this year, and works as an examiner for creative Masters candidates at Macquarie University. Louise is the author of short stories and novels. Her latest novel, The Orchid Nursery, is scheduled for publication in October 2015 (http://lacunapublishing.com/index.php/titles/new-and-forthcoming).

Selected publications

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