About Professor Nicholas Buckley

Human toxicology encompasses acute medicine and chemical poisoning, chronic environmental and occupational exposures, adverse drug reactions, and envenomation. These are a major disease burden that disproportionally affects those in developing countries. Nick's broad research strategy is to use a range of applied research methods to tackle these problems from a variety of perspectives with a diverse team and collaborators. Using this multi-disciplinary approach has yielded improved health outcomes with translatable outcomes ranging from changed national policies to new diagnostic tests and treatment strategies.

Nick's research encompasses pharmacological, clinical and epidemiological aspects of human toxicology.
The broad aims of his program of research are:
• Improved detection of emerging toxicological issues in humans (toxicovigilance)
• Understanding toxicological mechanisms behind differential toxicity in humans
• Improved management of clinical toxicological problems
• Providing the clinical toxicology data to facilitate public-health and regulatory responses

Specific examples of research interests include:
• Mechanisms and outcomes from acute kidney injury after poisoning/snakebite
• Effect of pesticide bans and safe storage of pesticides
• Descriptive studies of the mechanism of toxicity of a range of pesticide poisonings
• Comparisons of the relative toxicity of different pesticides
• Measurement of long-term neurotoxicity after acute poisoning
• Trials of regulatory restrictions and reformulation of pesticides
• Evaluation of investigations used in poisoning
• Clinical trials of existing antidotes for poisoning
• Development of new antidotes for poisoning
• Clinical trials comparing different strategies to manage snakebite
• Systematic reviews of treatments of poisoning
• Developmental toxicity from pesticides
• Paracetamol poisoning antidotes
• Pharmacometrics - modelling of drug concentrations and effects.
• Cardiotoxicity of psychotropic drugs
• Toxicovigilance - detection of emerging toxicological problems
• Epidemiology of poisoning and drug abuse
• Coronial data on lethal poisoning and adverse drug effects
• Pharmaco-epidemiology studies on adverse drug effects and drug interactions

Nick Buckley is Professor of Clinical Pharmacology and a practicing clinical toxicologist consulting at RPA and through all the Poisons Centres in Australia. He is best known internationally for being a co-founder of the SACTRC collaboration, a centre of clinical toxicology research excellence in Sri Lanka with a focus on agrochemical poisoning and snakebite. http://www.sactrc.org/Nick has been involved with contributing to the Australian Medicines Handbook since it was founded in 1998, and is now Chair of the Editorial Advisory Board. He was a Member of the Australian Advisory Committee on the Safety of Medicines (ACSOM) from 2009-2016.

He is Chair of the International Union of Basic and Clinical Pharmacology (IUPHAR) Subcommittee on Pharmacovigilance and Pharmacoepidemiology, He is also Deputy Editor of Clinical Toxicology, the official journal of all 4-major international clinical toxicology societies, and a past President of the Asia Pacific Association of Medical Toxicology.Nick is highly experienced in clinical epidemiology and research design. His research has attracted continuous project and program funding since 2002 and has resulted in an extensive publication record including >340 peer reviewed journal articles and 22 book chapters. He has supervised or co-supervised over 20 higher degree students.

Selected publications

For a full list of Professor Buckley's publications please see his Sydney Medical School academic profile page: here