About Associate Professor Geoff Morgan

We are becoming increasing aware of the environment influences on human health and my work is about providing robust scientific evidence for these environmental health effect and translating this evidence into policies and practices that protect and promote health and wellbeing.

I have more than 20 years experience in environmental epidemiological research, as well as environmental health policy and education. The results of my research have been translated into environmental health policy and my current work includes epidemiological studies into: the health effects of air pollution from various sources including bushfires and wood heaters; the effects of drinking water quality on health; the health effects of heatwaves; the relationship between urban environment and health including neighbourhood walkability, noise and light.

Present Positions: Environmental Epidemiologist, University Centre for Rural Health, University of Sydney (60% full time)

Epidemiologist, North Coast Public Health Unit, Mid North Coast Local Health District (40% full time)

Chief Investigator, Centre for Air quality and health Research and evaluation, an NHMRC Centre of Research Excellence

Co-Partner Investigator, Estimating fire smoke related health burden and novel tools to manage impacts on urban populations, USA Department of Interior funded project - Joint Fire Science Program 2014-2016

University of Sydney, Maters of Public Health, Environmental Health Unit coordinator (13 weeks Unit)

Taught short courses and delivered keynote presentations in environmental health epidemiology and air pollution epidemiology including Hong Kong Health Department - 2001; NSW Department of Health 2011

Held 2 NHMRC and 4 ARC tier 1 Australian grants with total research funding of $8mil since 2000.

Member - National Environment Protection Council Health Advisory Group for the Air Quality National Environment Protection Measure (2006 to 2007)

Member - Australian Rural Health Education Network - Research Leaders forum (2011 to 2012)

Supervisor of Doctorate (1 completed, 2 current) and Masters (3 completed, 1 current) students, and Early Career Fellow (1 completed).  

Selected publications

76 original research articles including with 26 since 2009. H-index (Google Scholar): 15 overall, 13 since 2009. i10-index: 21 overall, 17 since 2009 including:

Broome R, Fann N, Fulcher C, Duc H, Morgan G. The health benefits of reducing air pollution in Sydney, Australia. Environmental Research (accepted 8 Sept 2015)

Wilson LA, Morgan GG, Hanigan I, et al. The impact of heat on mortality and morbidity in the Greater Metropolitan Sydney Region: A case crossover analysis. Environ Health. 2013;12: 98 (PMC3842658)

Mayne DJ, Morgan GG, Willmore A, et al. An objective index of walkability for research and planning in the Sydney Metropolitan Region of New South Wales, Australia: an ecological study. Inter J Health Geographics. 2013;12(1):61.

Johnston F, Hanigan I, Henderson S, Morgan G. Evaluation of interventions to reduce biomass smoke air pollution on mortality in Launceston, Australia: a retrospective analysis of daily mortality from 1994-2007. British Medical Journal - 2013;345:e8446 doi: 10.1136/bmj.e8446

Summerhayes R, Morgan G, Edwards H, et al. Exposure to trihalomethanse in drinking water and small for gestations age births. Epidemiol 2012;23(1):15-22.

Morgan G, Sheppeard V, Khalaj B, et al. Effects of bushfire smoke on daily mortality and hospital admissions in Sydney, Australia. Epidemiol. 2010;21(1):1-9.