About Professor Andrew Dawson

Human toxicology is strongly driven its societal context and encompasses acute medicine and chemical poisoning, chronic environmental and occupational exposures, adverse drug reactions, and envenomation. These are a major disease burden that disproportionally affects those in developing countries. Andrew's broad research strategy is to use a range of applied research methods to tackle these problems from a variety of perspectives with a diverse team and collaborators. Using this multi-disciplinary approach has yielded improved health outcomes with translatable outcomes ranging from changed national policies to new diagnostic tests and treatment strategies.

Andrew’s research encompasses pharmacological, clinical and epidemiological aspects of human toxicology.

His program of research is part of the Translational Australian Clinical Toxicology (TACT) program  with special interest in behaviour change and educational and public health interventions.

Specific examples of research interests include: treatment behavioural change in hospitals and communities; brief educational interventions; distance educational interventions; effect of pesticide bans and safe storage of pesticides; Comparisons of the relative toxicity of different pesticides and pharmaceuticals; evaluation of investigations used in poisoning; clinical trials of existing antidotes for poisoning; development of new antidotes for poisoning; clinical trials comparing different strategies to manage snakebite; paracetamol poisoning antidotes; cardiotoxicity of psychotropic drugs; epidemiology of poisoning and drug abuse; pharmaco-epidemiology studies on adverse drug effects and drug interactions.

Andrew Dawson is a Clinical Professor in Addiction Medicine. He is senior staff specialist in clinical toxicology and Clinical Director of the NSW Poisons Information Centre. He is best known internationally for being a co-founder of the Hunter Area Toxicology Service and SACTRC collaboration, a centre of clinical toxicology research excellence in Sri Lanka with a focus on agrochemical poisoning and snakebite. http://www.sactrc.org/

Andrew is highly experienced in clinical epidemiology, public health and research design. His research has attracted continuous project and program funding since 2002 and has resulted in an extensive publication record including 170 peer reviewed journal articles. He has supervised or co-supervised over 10 higher degree students.

Other supervisors involved in the TACT research program
Professor Nick Buckley and Dr Nick Osborne

Selected publications

For a full list of Professor Dawson's publications please see his Sydney Medical School academic profile page: here