About Dr Isabelle Hesse

Isabelle is interested in postcolonial literature and theory, Palestinian and Israeli literature and film, the intersection between postcolonial and Jewish studies, and the cultural memory of colonialism and the Holocaust in Europe. Her current book project, entitled Palimpsestic Tropes: The Holocaust, Israel, and Palestine in Contemporary British and German Culture, focuses on the cultural and political links between Europe and the Middle East and the interplay between aesthetics and politics in the contemporary period. It considers the ways in which tropes associated with the Holocaust, Israel, and Palestine are circulated in British and German literature and film after the first Palestinian intifada, especially in light of Britain and Germany’s contemporary politics in the Middle East. A key concern of this research is the analysis of the strategies that authors and directors use in fictional and non-fictional ‘texts’ (including comedy, documentary, film, and travelogues) to engage with politically charged contexts and the tropes they draw on to represent the Holocaust, as well as the Israeli-Palestinian conflict and its history to contemporary audiences.

Selected publications

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