About Dr Kirsten Morley

Mental and substance use disorders account for more years of life lost due to disability than any other disorders and are second only to cardiovascular disease and cancer as leading causes of disease burden. Comorbidity of mental and substance use disorders pose a significant challenge for the Australian health system. Typically, treatment is incomplete and outcomes are poor. I am a multi-disciplinary researcher in the area of substance and mental health spanning the disciplines of medicine (addiction, psychiatry), clinical and abnormal psychology, neuropharmacology, clinical neuroscience and public health. I investigate treatments and correlates of addiction and psychological comorbidities using both neuropsychopharmacological and psychosocial frameworks.

My team with the NHMRC CRE for Mental Health and Substance Use investigate the efficacy, effectiveness and mechanism of action of treatments in addition to examining the clinical psychology and clinical neuroscience of substance use addiction and associated psychiatric comorbidities. Addiction is a complex phenomenon and the research paradigms we employ range from clinical epidemiology (clinical trials), neuroimaging and psychophysiology, behavioural genetics, pharmacogenetics through to translational research (policy, practice). We have scope for a large range of postgraduate research projects that can provide exposure to a clinical environment at Royal Prince Alfred Hospital. Research students will have the benefit of being a part of the dynamic mentoring program and networks at the NHMRC CRE for Mental Health and Substance Use.

I completed my PhD in psychopharmacology at the School of Psychology University of Sydney. I then completed a Masters of Public Health and moved into clinical research. Since 2006 I have been investigating treatments and correlates of substance use and comorbidities at the Discipline of Addiction Medicine, University of Sydney and am now a part of the NHMRC CRE for Mental Health and Substance Use. I have coordinated 6 large randomised controlled trials (3 NHMRC funded) across several hospital sites in Sydney and have established a wide collaborative network of researchers. I have received over $2 million in NHRMC funding as CI and have over 1000 citations that have contributed o policy and practice-world wide. These results have guided WHO mental health recommendations and treatment practice in Australia, UK and Canada.

Selected publications

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