About Dr Scott Cohen

As a Chemist, my passion is to understand the relationship between molecular structure and molecular function.

My research employs enzyme purification and enzymology to provide the foundation for structural studies of the human telomerase enzyme and the identification of small-molecule telomerase inhibitors as potential cancer therapeutics. Current work in the lab includes an active small-molecule high-throughput screening program and preliminary observations with single-particle electron microscopy.

In 2007 Dr Cohen reported the purification and molecular composition of the human telomerase enzyme complex; the significance of this achievement is exemplified by its publication in the journal SCIENCE. Since 2007 Dr Cohen has established a telomerase over-expression system which has enabled the current research activities of high-throughput screening and electron microscopy.

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Selected publications

Cohen SB, et al. (2007) Protein composition of catalytically active human telomerase from immortal cells. SCIENCE, Vol 315, pp1850-1853.

For a comprehensive list of Dr Cohen's publications, please visit his Sydney Medical School profile page