About Dr Serigne Lo

Dr Lo is a research statistician with extensive experience in health research. He is passionate about development of statistical methods based on problems encountered in his professional activities.

Dr Serigne Lo is a Senior Statistician and a Senior Research Fellow in Biostatistics at the University of Sydney. He manages the Research & Biostatistics Group at the Melanoma Institute Australia (MIA) and provides leadership in the conduct of cutting edge bio-statistical methods and support across the institute. Prior to joining the MIA in February 2015, Dr Lo has accumulated 15+ years of teaching/research experience including 8 years as biostatistician at the George Institute for Global Health – Australia. Dr Lo has a strong background in quantitative analysis. He holds a Master in Econometrics (2002) and a PhD in Statistics/Econometrics from the University of Geneva (2006). He moved to Sydney in 2006 for his postdoctoral fellowship at Macquarie University and the George Institute for Global Health. In 2007, he was appointed as research and applied biostatistician at The George Institute to work on large-scale studies in cardiovascular and renal diseases, neurological and mental health, critical care and injury prevention. He has worked across numerous disease areas and has been responsible for the design, the analysis and the reporting of health and medical studies for academic, drug regulatory agencies and government agencies. Dr Lo is interested in the development of new statistical methods. His personal research includes: Clinical trials, Adaptive design, Multistate modelling, and Joint-modelling.

Dr Lo's research focuses on new statistical methods and their application to the design and analysis of clinical trials. He has substantial involvement in designing and analysing all major studies conducted at the Melanoma Institute Australia and determining the appropriate statistical analyses. His experience ranges from health surveys and cohort studies to multinational clinical trial Phase I/II/III/IV.

As of July 2016, Dr Lo has co-authored 51 peer-reviewed publications. He has a strong track record in publishing high quality research in statistics, bio-statistics and computational statistics, with 7 referral papers in well regarded statistical journals such as Journal of Multivariate Analysis (JMVA), Computational Statistics & Data Analysis (CSDA), Statistics in Medicine (SIM) and BMC Bioinformatics.

In addition, Dr Lo has 44 articles through his collaboration with clinicians, all published in high-impact journals (e.g. New England Journal of Medicine, British Medical Journal, PLOS Medicine, Circulation) or in leading journals in a particular therapeutic area (e.g. JAMA Pediatrics, Journal of the American Geriatrics Society, Injury, Critical Care Medicine, OncoImmunology, British Journal of Dermatology, Cancer, Annals of Surgical Oncology etc.). He has also authored numerous reports to researchers, sponsors or independent data monitoring committees including interim and final study results.

Selected publications

For a full list of Dr Lo's publications please see his Sydney Medical School profile page.