About Dr Brendan Malone

I am a research fellow researcher within the Soil Security Laboratory specialising in pedometric, chemometric and digital soil mapping and assessment research. I am passionate about soils, and whole-heartedly believe that soil underpins all facets of life as we know it. An overarching endeavor of my research is to seek out a definitive understanding of the spatial and temporal characteristics of soil so that we can be better custodians of them now and for generations to come. This driving motivation has seen me contribute significantly to the methodological development and delivery of comprehensive soil information systems derived from sparse and legacy soil data sets.

My research and training given me expertise in soil science, spatial statistics, data science, inference systems, informatics, proximal soil sensing and spectrometry. Dr Malone is a member of the International Union of Soil Sciences, and is a member of Soil Science Australia and the Soil Science Society of America, both the peak bodies of soil science endeavors in each of those respective countries. I am also an editorial board member of the international soil science journal Geoderma.

Dr Malone is a researcher at The School of Life and Environmental Sciences
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