About Associate Professor Sally Gainsbury

Gambling disorder is a mental health disorder with a prevalence of 1%; a further 4-8% of people have sub-clinical yet severe gambling problems causing significant dysfunction and distress. A/Prof Gainsbury focuses on understanding the psychology of gambling behaviour to inform, develop and evaluate policies and practices to prevent and treat gambling-related harms. A/Prof Gainsbury leads a multidisciplinary research team working across public health, computer science and behavioural economics to make significant and internationally recognised inroads into understanding gambling disorder. Her research in technology and gambling has transformed policy and practice at a national and international level working with key stakeholders including community organisations, governments, and the industry operators.

A/Prof Sally Gainsbury is based at the School of Psychology.  She is also a Deputy Director for the Gambling Treatment and Research Clinic

For more information about A/Prof Sally Gainsbury refer to her Academic Profile Online.