About Dr Ali Hadigheh

Dr Ali Hadigheh’s research interests include maintenance, repair, and rehabilitation of existing structures, durability and fracture mechanism of the interface in composite structures, experimental/numerical assessment of buildings under dynamic loads, innovative and sustainable construction materials, and more recently the development of innovative integrated framework for assessing disaster resilient of infrastructures by optimising strengthening techniques.

Reliable infrastructure is capable of facilitating economic growth and therefore, capital investments on infrastructures are growing every year. Built structures are always vulnerable to deterioration due to occurrence of environmental incidents (e.g floods, fire, earthquake, cyclones, Tsunami), non-environmental factor (e.g industrial pollution or man-made contamination), or other mass casualty events (e.g. Terrorist attacks). My research addresses these issues and attempts to provide more durable, safer, less resource-intensive and risky infrastructure. To achieve this, I focus on cross-disciplinary themes to implement new and innovative materials and techniques into our infrastructures.

Ali has been involved in maintenance and repair of structures for more than 10 years. He implemented new systems for strengthening of reinforced concrete (RC) frames in order to improve their response to dynamic excitations. He also investigated application of new fibre reinforced polymer (FRP) processing techniques in structural strengthening to produce high quality composites. His recent research helps to achieve more resilient infrastructure through optimising rehabilitation for post disaster functionality of the system. In addition to his research, he has been involved in design and construction projects related to strengthening of infrastructures, like railway bridges, with FRP materials.

Ali completed a PhD in Structural Engineering at RMIT University, Melbourne, in 2014. Following his study, he started working at various Australian universities such as RMIT University, Monash University, and Swinburne University of Technology as a Research Fellow and a Lecturer.

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