About Dr Fiona Kumfor

Dr Fiona Kumfor is a cognitive neuroscientist. Her program of research focuses on understanding the brain-behaviour relationship of social cognition in healthy people, ageing and dementia.

Dr Kumfor’s research employs novel experimental paradigms, neurophysiological measures (eyetracking, skin conductance, facial EMG), clinical assessment and advanced neuroimaging analysis to understand the neurobiological basis of social cognition and how it is affected across clinical syndromes. This work is important to both improve our understanding of these complex human behaviours, as well as developing novel interventions to improve the management of people with dementia.

Dr Fiona Kumfor is a researcher from the School of Psychology, as well as a member of the Brain and Mind Centre and the Charles Perkins Centre
 For further information about Dr Fiona Kumfor, refer to her Academic Profile Online.