About Professor Stephen Twigg

I want to mke a difference, limiting human disease and suffering by finding molecular solutions to medical problems, specifically in diabetes and its complications.

Professor Twigg is a physician-scientist, proficient at supervising laboratory PhD, Masters and Honours students, including scientific and medical graduates and also has 15 years clinical experience caring for people with diabetes and is on a number of national and international diabetes-related bodies.

Competitive Funding, Scholarships and Fellowships Awarded: Continuous NHMRC support since 1995, currently holding three NHMRC project Grants as CI. Previously, an NHMRC New Investigator Project Grant (2003-2005); NHMRC CJ Martin Post-doctoral Fellowship (1999-2002); NHMRC Medical Postgraduate Research Scholarship (1995-8). Also, Tartar Research Fellowship (1999); JR Vanderfield Traveling Scholarship, RNSH, (1998); RNSH Staff Specialist Scholarship (1998). He also receives funding from JDRF International, Diabetes Australia Research Trust, The University of Sydney Sesqui Scheme, Ramaciotti Foundation equipment grants, and small Pharma grants such as the Novo Nordisk regional Diabetes Support Scheme, and Eli Lilly Diabetes Research Scheme. Invited Speaker at National and International Presentations, 2001-7: Satellite Conference on Vascular Complications in Diabetes (2001); NovoNordisk Postgraduate Weekend (2001); Astra Zeneca Cardiologists Symposium (2002 and 2003); Merck Renal and Endocrinology Specialists’ weekend, (2003); Rural Physician’s cardiovascular symposium (2003); GSK beyond 2000 endocrinologist’s weekend (2004); Aventis Partnership weekend (2004); NovoNordisk Endocrinologist’s weekend (2004); Servier Geriatrician’s weekend (2004). NovoNordisk Postgraduate Weekend (2005) ; Invited speaker to the National Diabetes Institute Annual Diabetes Update Meeting in Malaysia, 2005 and 2006. Invited speaker to the International Diabetes Federation Scientific Meeting (Sth Africa) in basic aspects of wound healing in diabetes (2006). Invited speaker at CommBio Meeting (Brisbane, 2006) on basic aspects of diabetes complications; Invited speaker at the Endocrine Society of Australia postgraduate weekend (2007) on basic aspects of diabetes complications; Keynote speaker at the Philippine Society for Endocrinology and Metabolism Annual Scientific Meeting (2007) and IDF Meetings (2007) addressing clinical care of patients with diabetes. Representation on Scientiic and Specialist Bodies: Executive of Council of Australian Diabetes Society, member (2003-present), Vice President 2006-present; Board of Directors of Diabetes Australia National, member (2003-present); Diabetes Australia Research Trust allocation and coordination panel, member (2001-2003); Chair of the Program Organising Committee, The Endocrine Society of Australia (2004-2006); Specialist Advisory Committee in Endocrinology for The Royal Australasian College of Physicians, member (2003-present). Participation in grants and manuscript reviews: Regular reviewer for ‘Endocrinology’, ‘Diabetes’, ‘Biochemical Journal’, ‘Diabetes’, regular annual reviewer of NHMRC project grant applications. On the Diabetes complications review panel for JDRF (2005-present) with bi-annual meetings in New York; NHMRC GRP member (2004-05). Confernece Sessions Chaired at Scientific Meetings: Endocrine Society of Australia Annual Scientific Meeting (1998, 2002, 2004); Australian Diabetes Society/ADEA Annual Scientific Meeting (oral sessions on diabetes complications 2003, 2004); Prediabetes Symposium chair at ADS/ADEA Meeting (2004); Chair of Stress Hyperglycaemia session and diabetes complications session at ADS ASM (2005).Japan Australia lecture chair at ESA Annual Scientific Meeting in 2005 and 2006. Supervision of Students: Supervisor of 3 current PhD students, 2 Masters and 1 Honours student and Associate Supervisor of 6 PhD students and 1 Masters Student.

Selected publications

For a comprehensive list of Professor Twigg's publicatons, please visit his Sydney Medical School profile page.