About Associate Professor Muireann Irish

How do we remember the past and imagine the future? How do we intuitively understand what someone else is thinking or feeling? What are the brain regions that enable us to engage in these sophisticated cognitive endeavours? These are some of the high-level questions we are striving to answer. We investigate the cognitive processes and neural substrates underpinning complex processes such as memory, imagination, social cognition, and day-dreaming. By studying how these functions are compromised in neurological disorders such as dementia, we can gain crucial insights into how the brain supports such uniquely human endeavours.

Muireann Irish is a cognitive neuroscientist interested in how we remember the past and imagine the future. She uses a multidisciplinary approach to understand how such complex cognitive functions are disrupted in neurodegenerative disorders.

Associate Professor Irish is a researcher in the School of Psychology. For more information about Associate Professor Irish, please refer to her Academic Profile Online.