About Dr Stewart Jackson

Dr Jackson's PhD focused on the role of party members in shaping the party, and the potential impact of success on the party's original aims and principles. This focus has lead to a continuing examination of the philosophical drivers of the party, and the impacts of existing state and parliamentary institutions on that growth. Furthering this research has led to research collaborations with Dr Anika Gauja at the University of Sydney, Dr Christine Cunningham at Edith Cowan University, and Dr Narelle Miragliotta at Monash University. One of his current projects (with Dr Gauja) involves surveying the Australian Greens party membership and supporters, one of the first of a major party in Australia. A new extended project will focus on the physical and philosophical barriers to the development of the green parties in a non-western setting, requiring extended collaborations with parties across the Asia Pacific While the Australian (and New Zealand) Greens can boast 40 years histories of political activism, this is not the case for green and environmental politics in the emergent democracies of Asia and the Pacific. This examination of the potentials for green political movements and parties to emerge in the Asia Pacific has implications for the development of environmental parties across the geopolitical South.

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