About Dr Paula Beckenkamp

Dr Paula Beckenkamp is an Early Career Researcher interested in investigating the impact of different conditions on individuals’ physical function and general health. Dr Beckenkamp is particularly interested in the link between different musculoskeletal conditions and the influence on physical activity participation and sedentary behaviour.

Dr Paula Beckenkamp has extensive experience in musculoskeletal research, particularly related to the prognosis of people following lower limb injuries, such as ankle fractures. Her previous work applied different methodologies, including large multicentre randomised controlled trial, observational studies, Cochrane and systematic reviews of effects of interventions, prognosis and diagnostic test accuracy. The quality and impact of her research is translated into a wide range of publications in high impact journals, including JAMA.

Dr Beckenkamp's PhD included a large trial looking at treatment for people following ankle fractures.  The trial was highly regarded and the results were published in one of the best medical journals (JAMA) which generated great media attention in several media outlets nationally and internationally, including Medscape and Physicians' Briefing.

Selected publications

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