About Dr Wendy Gold

Translational research is an exciting area of research and finding new cures, discovering new methodologies and creating new concepts that can be used in the clinics and in the hospitals is the ultimate goal in medical research. My research focuses on understanding genetic disorders and testing novel concepts and therapeutics so that tomorrow’s children may be cured.

Genetic neurological disorders are challenging to treat, let alone cure due to the complexity of the brain and the barrier imposed by the blood brain barrier. Our lab, in close collaboration with others, are testing novel adeno-associated virus’s (AAV) coupled with CRISPR gene editing tools to create a novel system which has the capacity to permanently correct mutated genes back to wild type in neuronal cells

I have been studying the pathogenic mechanisms of Rett syndrome for the past 9 years. As group leader of the Molecular Neurobiology Lab at Kids Research, Westmead Children's Hospital, I conduct a program of interdisciplinary research spanning fields of neurology, neuropathology, fundamental neuroscience, clinical chemistry and pharmacology. My translational research engages clinicians, chemists, fundamental scientists and bioinformaticians.

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Selected publications