About Dr Maria Comas Soberats

My expertise resides in the field of chronobiology and my main interest is bridging basic and translational research in the chronobiology and sleep fields. My research focusses on searching for biomarkers around the clock as well as novel chronotherapies in a range of diseases.

We are daily governed by circadian rhythms. The time we go to sleep, we wake up, we feel hungry and so on does not occur randomly at different times of the day and night. Instead, our physiology, metabolism, behaviour follows a temporal pattern that repeats itself every day at about the same time. Circadian clocks regulate this perfectly timed patterns. My research focusses on circadian (mal)function of different populations suffering from a range of diseases from respiratory diseases (e.g. COPD), neurodegenerative diseases (e.g. Parkinson’s disease, Schizophrenia) or populations with disturbed circadian rhythms (e.g. elderly people). In addition, I am developing therapeutic strategies, both pharmacological and non-pharmacological, directed at improving sleep, circadian clock functionality and cognitive function in various target populations.

Selected publications

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