About Dr Agisilaos Kourmatzis

Dr. Kourmatzis is interested in multiphase fluid dynamics, laser and optical diagnostics and energy conversion. He is passionate about improving our fundamental understanding of particle and droplet laden flows and is also particularly engaged with applications in: renewable and synthetic fuels, pulmonary drug delivery, airway flows, thermal energy conversion and turbulence.

I have over 10 years of experience working in multiphase flows with expertise in experimental techniques (lasers and optics), combustor and nozzle design, experimental design, code development, and advanced statistical analysis.

Key research highlights: Developed one of the world’s first pulsed electrostatic atomizers (operating on 2mW of electrical power) for application in micro-engines, designed and undertook a series of experiments to fundamentally describe the influence of turbulence on the formation of droplets from a liquid jet, developed a new optical diagnostic method to characterize arbitrarily shaped particles and liquid fragments in highly turbulent flows, conducted the world’s first direct numerical simulation of turbulent electrohydrodynamic flows, and with colleagues drove an experimental campaign which led to one of the world’s largest experimental databases in turbulent spray combustion.

Selected publications

·        Lowe, A., KOURMATZIS, A. and Masri, A.R., Turbulent Spray Flames of Intermediate Density: Stability and Near-Field Structure, Combustion and Flame, vol. 176, pp. 511-520, 2017·        KOURMATZIS, A., Pham, P.X., and Masri, A.R., A two-angle far-field microscope imaging technique for spray flows, Measurement Science and Technology, vol. 28(3), 2017·        KOURMATZIS, A., Lowe, A., and Masri, A.R., Combined effervescent and airblast atomization of a liquid jet, Experimental Thermal and Fluid Science, vol. 75, pp. 66-76, 2016·        KOURMATZIS, A., and Masri, A.R.. Air assisted atomization of liquid jets in varying levels of turbulence, Journal of Fluid Mechanics, vol.764, pp.95-132, 2015 ·        KOURMATZIS, A., Pham, P.X., and Masri, A.R., Characterization of atomization and combustion in moderately dense turbulent spray flames, Combustion and Flame, vol.162, pp.978-996, 2015 ·        KOURMATZIS, A., Pham, P.X and Masri, A.R. Air assisted atomization and spray density characterisation of ethanol and a range of biodiesels, Fuel, vol. 108, pp.758-770, 2013·        KOURMATZIS, A. and Shrimpton, J.S. Turbulent three dimensional dielectric electrohydrodynamic convection between two plates, Journal of Fluid Mechanics, vol.696, pp. 228-262, 2012·        Gounder, J.D, KOURMATZIS, A., and Masri, A.R. Turbulent Piloted Dilute Spray Flames: Flow Fields and Droplet Dynamics, Combustion and Flame, vol.159, pp.3372-3397,2012·        KOURMATZIS, A., Ergene E.L., Shrimpton, J.S., Kyritsis, D.C., Mashayek, F. And Huo, M. Combined aerodynamic and electrostatic atomization of dielectric liquid jets, Experiments in Fluids, vol. 53, pp. 221-235, 2012·        KOURMATZIS, A. and Shrimpton, J.S. Electrical and transient atomization characteristics of a pulsed charge injection atomizer using electrically insulating liquids, Journal of Electrostatics, vol.69, pp.157-167, 2011