About Dr Carolyn McKay

Carolyn's research interests include: Crime and criminal justice, Technologies in justice, Prisons and penology, Visual criminology, Surveillance and policing, Interdisciplinary research methodologies

Dr Carolyn McKay is a Lecturer in Law at the University of Sydney Law School. Her research examines the impacts of audio visual technologies (video links) on prisoners’ court appearance and access to justice. Carolyn’s research interests include technologies in justice, prisons and prisoners, visual criminology, surveillance, policing and interdisciplinary research methodologies. At Sydney Law School Carolyn teaches Criminal Law and Civil & Criminal Procedure. Over the years she has taught other courses including The Legal Profession, Legal Research, Research Methodologies and Professional Practice at the University of Sydney, University of Newcastle and Hunter Institute and acted as a research assistant on numerous projects and publications. In 2013, she was a Visiting Scholar at the Oñati International Institute for the Sociology of Law, Spain. Carolyn has previously consulted on anti-dumping trade disputes and indirect taxation in both Sydney and Tokyo and worked in digital media.

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