About Dr Tracey Tsang

The potential for research to improve the lives and prospects of children and adolescents is what drives me. I am always happy to chat about possible projects and collaborations, so don’t hesitate to get in touch!

Dr Tracey Tsang is involved in an exciting and diverse range of research, primarily in child and adolescent health. Research methodology experience includes observational studies, validation and reliability studies, intervention studies, systematic reviews and meta-analyses, and clinical audits. Her current primary area of research focus is on Fetal Alcohol Spectrum Disorder (FASD), encompassing research which aims to better understand the condition and difficulties/strengths of those affected; to improve screening and diagnostic practices; and to evaluate and improve management of FASD and/or maternal alcohol consumption during pregnancy. Dr Tsang is an Assistant Director for the FASD Research Australia Centre of Research Excellence (with research partners from Telethon Kids Institute), and collaborates with national and international researchers in FASD and other research areas. Dr Tsang’s other research areas include ADHD, obesity, metabolic health, physical activity, and martial arts.

Dr Tsang's research background is diverse, starting with exercise physiology and clinical research (RCTs) into type 2 diabetes and obesity; then to adolescent ADHD, cognitive neuroscience and drug trials; to FASD and prenatal alcohol exposure, population health and knowledge translation.

She has designed and conducted numerous clinical trials, observational studies, systematic reviews (including meta-analysis), and reliability and validation studies; and trained many research staff and students in research conduct (including patient interviewing and screening, and stringent clinical assessment techniques for research purposes [e.g., design and administration of questionnaires, computerised analysis of fetal alcohol syndrome facial dysmorphology, anthropometry, functional neuroimaging, cardiac stress tests, physical performance/function tests]), data management and analysis, and results reporting/manuscript preparation.

She has published many papers and a book chapter, and received several awards for her work. She has been an active Expert Reviewer and Member of two scientific advisory committees, and has been a peer reviewer for >20 international journals and funding bodies; and through her peer review activities, Lancet Global Health invited her to write a published comment. She has supervised and supported several post-graduate research students, and is a member of the Westmead Hub's Early Career Researcher Committee, and the University's Cultural Competence Leadership Program.

Selected publications

Dr. Tsang's Academic Profile publications can be found on her Academic Profile page.