About Professor James Elliott

Jim’s contributions to the field range from the development of novel magnetic resonance imaging markers to quantify alterations in spinal cord anatomy and skeletal muscle degeneration as potential markers of poor functional recovery following musculoskeletal trauma (generally) and head/neck trauma (specifically) to leading large multidisciplinary studies investigating the neurobiological mechanisms underlying chronic pain and disability.

Jim is passionate about mentoring the next generation of health and medical researchers. His dedication to supervising students and post-doctoral fellows earned him recognition as the 2015 recipient of the Faculty Award for Engagement and the 2017 Ver Steeg Faculty Award for Excellence in working with graduate students from The Graduate School of Northwestern University in the USA. His collaborative work with students, clinicians, and other researchers around the world will pioneer new scientific knowledge, diagnostics, and objective measures to inform and test new prognostic models and new therapies towards permitting millions of patients with acute and chronic pain to live a healthy and active life.

Jim completed his PhD at the University of Queensland, Australia (UQ) in 2007 and a post-doctoral fellowship (2010) at UQ's CCRE-Spine.  The primary focus of his interdisciplinary laboratory is to quantify altered spinal cord anatomy and whole-body skeletal muscle degeneration as potential markers of recovery following spinal trauma.  His work has resulted in external recognition as a global expert in neck pain (broadly) and whiplash injuries (more specifically).

He is currently a Professor of Allied Health in the Faculty of Health Sciences at the University of Sydney and the Northern Sydney Local Health District. Prior to this, Jim was a tenure-track Associate Professor in the Feinberg School of Medicine at Northwestern University in Chicago, USA, where he remains an adjunct Professor.

He currently serves as an Advisory Board Member for the journal, Spine, is a Board of Director for the Journal of Orthopaedic & Sports Physical Therapy and is one of five executive members of the International Whiplash Consortium, launched in May of 2017.

Selected publications

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