About Dr Fereshteh Pourkazemi

I am passionate about understanding, learning, and conducting research on musculoskeletal chronic pain in order to find better management and potentially treatment for this complex health issue. I am also a passionate artist and educator working to bring the Arts, Health and Education together and address different aspects of human pain with a holistic view of its complexities.

Dr Pourkazemi’s research expertise are in identifying predictors and risk factors of chronic musculoskeletal conditions. During her PhD, she investigated the impacts different physiological, psychological and neuromuscular predictors on development of chronic ankle instability (CAI). For the first time, she identified that residual pain after an index ankle sprain may be an important contributing factor to the development of CAI. Her research interests and expertise are not limited to the area of foot and ankle only; her recent research projects are focused on central changes due to musculoskeletal chronic pain and the impacts of visual arts creation on these changes.

Dr Pourkazemi's research highlights include work on predictors of CAI and the impacts of pain on development of this condition.   She is also among the first researchers investigating the impacts of visual arts creations on biopsychosocial aspects of pain aiming to bring the Arts, Clinical research and practice and education together.

Selected publications

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