About Dr Patric Jansson

For patients, it’s devastating news when the drug that has been working in treating their cancer is no longer effective. Multi-drug resistance (MDR) affects patients with a wide variety of solid tumours, blood and metastatic cancers. Poor response to chemotherapy is directly linked to the MDR protein, P-glycoprotein (Pgp). In fact, Pgp is expressed in most untreatable cancers and increases with stage and grade. Despite much effort to overcome this problem, there has been very limited progress worldwide. These facts highlight the pressing need to develop therapeutics that specifically treat aggressive drug resistant cancers. My research team has been focusing on identifying new targets for resistant cancers, as current therapies have limited efficacy. I am passionate about discovering alternative ways of overcoming drug resistance. My research is focused on using cancer cells own defense system against themselves to kill the cancer from within. My research has demonstrated that drug resistant cancer cells can be strategically tricked by taking advantage of their own drug detoxifying Pgp pumps and copper available in lysosomes to actively kill the most resistance types of cancer. Hence, with this strategy, cancer cells can be "tricked" to utilise their own drug detoxifying pump Pgp for drug targeting and tumour killing. Notably, this drug pump is normally used by tumours to protect themselves against drugs. This new strategy was patented and has already been utilised by newly synthesised agents that have entered clinical trials.

Overall, my research program consists of a number of streams, including elucidating: (1) the contributing factors and mechanism that lead to the development of drug resistance; (2) mechanisms to overcome drug resistance; (3) how drugs can be designed to overcome drug resistance; (4) novel combination therapies to overcome drug resistance; (5) how cellular detoxifying/survival systems such as authophagy can contribute to cancer cell survival, metastasis and development of resistance. With this knowledge, my aim is to contribute to the development of new innovative drug targeting strategies to treat the most resistant cancers. I am very passionate about the work that I do and love having the opportunity to contribute to cutting edge cancer research. My hope is that this work will someday lead to improved outcomes for those suffering from untreatable cancers. I am also dedicated to fostering the development of young scientist and thoroughly enjoy working with students who share the same passion.

Dr. Patric Jansson (PhD 2006) is a Cancer Institute NSW Career Development Fellow. He is the Leader of the Cancer Drug Resistance Group (8 researchers) at the University of Sydney. In his 2-patents and 1st/senior-author publications, he has demonstrated that drug-resistant cancer cells can be strategically tricked and killed by taking advantage of their own drug-detoxifying P-glycoprotein (Pgp) pumps and lysosomal copper. He has 61 publications (H-index: 28; Citations >3,600) with 42 publications (15 corresponding/senior authored publications) in the last 5 years. His research has been published in the top journals of his field e.g., Cancer Research, Cell Death & Disease, Journal of Medicinal Chemistry, Free Radical Biology & Medicine etc., contributing to a Field-Weighted Citation Impact of 8.2.