About Dr Rebekah Moles

• Paediatric medicine issues and development of educational resources for children and carers; • Interface between hospital and community settings

Dr Rebekah Moles completed her PhD in the area of Private Hospital Pharmacy Services. She is interested in the transition from hospital to home (continuity of care). Her doctoral research focused on developing a Medication Education Service (MES) for patients on multiple medications at the time of discharge. This tailored counselling service - coupled with recommendations for ongoing care - resulted in intervention patients being on significantly fewer medications - and having fewer expenses – in comparison with control patients who did not receive this service.

Having a background in hospital pharmacy - and being Vice President Australasia on the Hospital Pharmacy Section of The International Pharmacy Federation (FIP) - there is also scope to explore hospital pharmacy from an international policy perspective. In 2008, the FIP developed global statements for the future of hospital pharmacy and exploration of factors that influence how hospitals comply with these statements needs to be explored.

Dr Moles was awarded the International Pharmacy Federation's Young Scientists' Award for Professional Innovation in 2006, for a project to develop medication education packages for children. This triggered the initiation of several projects in the area of paediatric medicines, the first being the translation and validation of the Children’s Medicine Use Questionnaire (CMUQ). There are several opportunities for small and large research projects in this new area. Qualitative studies will involve interviewing parents and carers of children with different medical conditions to explore their perceptions and actual use of medications. Quantitative questionnaires on children’s medication use will also be conducted using the CMUQ and other survey instruments. The results of these projects will be used to develop educational interventions targeted at consumers as well as health care practitioners to facilitate quality use of medicines in children.

Selected publications

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