About Dr Joyce Chiu

Dr Joyce Chiu’s research studies how protein functions are regulated by redox switches such as cysteine oxidation and disuphide bonds. In particular, she is interested in understanding how mechanical force synergises with redox to control the function of cell surface receptors such as integrins. Her research is relevant to coagulation, inflammation, cancer and embryonic development.

Dr Joyce Chiu has built a proteomic platform for studying redox regulation of proteins. She has formed cross-disciplinary collaborations in bioinformatics, biophysics, bioengineering, and chemistry to address her research questions.

Using her redox proteomic platform, Dr Chiu has discovered and characterised mechanistic control for a number of proteins implicated in cancer and blood coagulation VEGFc, MetAP2, PDI, platelet integrin, and GP1bα. She has also elucidated the mechanism of action for the anti-angiogenic compound PENAO, which has completed Phase I clinical trial in patients with solid tumours, and anti-thrombotic bepristats. Her work has been published in the top journals of her field including eLife, Nature Communications, Circulation, Trends in Cell Biology, Nucleic Acids Research, and Blood. Her research excellence led to the award of the UNSW Career Advancement Award (2015), Helen and Robert Ellis Postdoctoral Fellowship (2017-2019), Professor Tony Basten Postdoctoral Fellowship (2018) and Charles Perkin Centre EMCR Seeding Fund (2018).

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Selected publications

• Li, J., Kim, K., Jeong, S., Chiu, J., Xiong, B., Petukhov, P.V., Dai, X., Li, X., Andrews, R.K., Hogg, P.J. and Cho, J. (2018) Platelet protein disulfide isomerase promotes glycoprotein Ibα- mediated platelet-neutrophil interactions under thromboinflammatory conditions. Circulation. (Accepted for publication on 11 October 2018) 

• Chiu, J. # (2018) Measurement of redox states of the β3 integrin disulfide bonds. Bio-protocol
Protocol ID: 1802317 (in press) # indicates corresponding authorship

• Passam, F.*, Chiu, J.*, Ju, L., Pijning, A., Jahan, Z., Mor-Cohen, R., Yeheskel, A., Kolsek, K., Tharichen, L., Aponte-Santamaria, C., Grater, F., and Hogg, P. J. (2018) Mechano-redox control of integrin de-adhesion. Elife 7, e34843

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