About Dr Daniel Steffens

Daniel is interested in improving outcomes of patients undergoing major surgery.

Dr Daniel Steffens is the Deputy Director of the Surgical Outcomes Research Centre (SOuRCe) and a Clinical Senior Lecturer at the Sydney Medical School. Daniel research skills and interest includes conducting clinical trials, systematic reviews, measuring risk factors and exploring prognosis in patients undergoing surgery. He is currently investigating the effectiveness of preoperative and postoperative interventions on postoperative surgical outcomes.

Selected publications

For a comprehensive list of Dr Daniel's publications, please visit his Sydney Medical School profile page
1. DANIEL STEFFENS, Michael Solomon, Linda Denehy. Is preoperative exercise training the new holy grail for patients undergoing major surgery? Annals of the American Thoracic Society. 2020 November 

2. DANIEL STEFFENS, Kim Delbaere, Jane Young, Michael Solomon, Linda Denehy. Evidence on technology driven preoperative exercise interventions – are we there yet? British Journal of Anaesthesia. 2020 June 

3. Cherry Koh, Kilian Brown, , Jane Young, Michael Solomon, DANIEL STEFFENS, Glenn Slkeld. What constitutes a clear margin in patients with locally recurrent rectal cancer undergoing pelvic exenteration? Annals of Surgery. 2020 January
4. DANIEL STEFFENS, Cherry Koh, Nabila Ansari, Michael J. Solomon, Kilian Brown, Kate McBride, Jane Young, Christopher J. Young, Brendan Moran. Quality of life following cytoreductive surgery and hyperthermic intraperitoneal chemotherapy: Early results from a prospective cohort study in 115 patients. Annals of Surgical Oncology. 2020 February 

5. DANIEL STEFFENS, Jane Young, Michael Solomon, Paula R Beckenkamp, Cherry Koh, Kenneth Vuong, Mathew A Brodie, Kim Delbaere. Preliminary evidence for physical activity following pelvic exenteration: A pilot longitudinal cohort study. BMC Cancer. 2019 July 4. 

6. DANIEL STEFFENS, Paula R. Beckenkamp, Jane Young, Michael Solomon, Tatiane M. da Silva, Mark J. Hancock. Is preoperative physical activity level of patients undergoing cancer surgery associated with postoperative outcomes? A systematic review and meta-analysis. European Journal of Surgical Oncology. 2019 doi: 10.1016/j.ejso.2018.10.063 

7. Alexander McCarthy, Michael Solomon, Cherry Koh, Simon Jackson, DANIEL STEFFENS. Quality of life and functional outcomes following pelvic exenteration and sacrectomy. Colorectal Disease. 2019 Novemeber 

8. DANIEL STEFFENS‎, Michael Solomon, Jane Young, Cherry Koh, Rebecca Venchiarutti‎, Peter Lee, Kirk Austin. Long-term survival and quality of life following pelvic exenteration: A prospective cohort study. BJS Open. 2018 Mar 23.  

9. DANIEL STEFFENS, Paula Beckenkamp, Mark Hancock, Michael Solomon, Jane Young. Preoperative exercise halves the postoperative complication rate in patients with lung cancer: A systematic review of the effect of exercise on complications, length of stay and quality of life in patients with cancer. British Journal of Sports Medicine, 2018 Mar; 52(5):344. doi: 10.1136/bjsports-2017-098032. PMID: 29437041. 

10. DANIEL STEFFENS , Jane Young, Paula R Beckenkamp, James Ratcliffe, Freya Rubie, Nabila Ansari, Neil Pillinger, Michael Solomon. Feasibility and acceptability of pre-operative exercise to improve patient outcomes after major cancer surgery: Study protocol for a pilot randomised controlled trial (PEPA trial). TRIALS, 2018 Feb 17; 19(1):112. doi: 10.1186/s13063-018-2481-2. PMID: 29452599.