About Professor Tony Cunningham

Professor Cunningham believes strongly in pursuing excellence in translational research. This means using the very latest tools of genomics, proteomics and cell imaging to make new discoveries about HIV and Herpesviruses preferably in tissue models simulating the human disease and use these discoveries to improve the diagnosis, treatment or control (immunization) against these globally important viral diseases. His postgraduate students are part of multidisciplinary teams receiving the latest technologic training with research aimed at important clinical goals.

Director of the Westmead Millennium Institute and Research Centres at Westmead Hospital and the Centre for Virus Research, Network Director Research for the Sydney West Area Health Service and is Professor of Research Medicine and Sub-Dean (Research) Western Clinical School, University of Sydney.

Professor Cunningham completed his undergraduate training MBBS, B.Med.Sci and worked at the Royal Melbourne Hospital in various roles including a Lectureship at the University of Melbourne during which time he completed an MD in viral arthritis. He was then appointed Senior Medical Registrar at Fairfield Infectious Diseases, Melbourne. From 1981-1983 he was an NHMRC Applied Health Services Fellow at the Division of Infectious Diseases, Stanford University, USA. In 1984 he was appointed Director of the Virology Department of the Institute of Clinical Pathology and Medical Research and consultant physician in the Infectious Diseases Unit at Westmead Hospital until his current appointment in June 1996. He was appointed Associate Professor of Virology/Medicine in the University of Sydney, Department of Medicine in 1989. He is a member of a number of State, Commonwealth and Industry Committees. Since 2003 he has been Director of the Australian Centre for HIV and Hepatitis Virology Research, directly funded by the Commonwealth Department of Health. The Centre funds development of therapeutic vaccines and diagnostics including those for deployment in the Asia-Pacific region. All are involved in translational research and most have international interests or links.

Selected publications

For a comprehensive list of Professor Cunningham's publicatons, please visit his Sydney Medical School profile page.