About Professor Anthony Welch

Tony specialises in national and international policy and practice,principally in education, and cross-cultural analysis and research. He has extensive experience in many countries, including in the Asia Pacific, and has published widely, contributing numerous analyses of issues such as cross-cultural interactions; rural education, comparative research methods in education; and practical reform affecting multiculturalism, indigenous minorities, international students, higher education reforms, internationalisation of higher education in the Asia Pacific, and changes to the academic profession.

Research interests
Educational history, sociology and philosophy

  • Sociology of education

Educational systems: administration, management and leadership
  • Higher education
  • International and comparative education

Social structures, inequalities and social justice
  • Social change
Keywords: international higher education, Australian education, comparative and international education, education and social policy, education and equality

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Selected publications

  • Jing, W., Welch, A. (2018). Academic drift in China's universities of applied technology. International Higher Education, 94, 30-31. [More Information]
  • Welch, A. (2018). China's southern borderlands and ASEAN higher education: A cartography of connectivity. In P. Meusburger, M. Heffernan, L. Suarsana (Eds.), Geographies of the University, (pp. 567-602). Cham: Springer. [More Information]
  • Burns, R., Welch, A. (2018). Contemporary perspectives in comparative education (originally published by Garland Publishing in 1992). New York & London: Routledge.
  • Welch, A., Connell, R., Mockler, N., Sriprakash, A., Proctor, H., Hayes, D., Foley, D., Vickers, M., Bagnall, N., Burns, K., Low, R., Groundwater-Smith, S. (2018). Education, Change and Society: Fourth Edition. Melbourne: Oxford University Press.
  • Welch, A. (2018). Global ambitions: Internationalization and China's rise as knowledge hub. Frontiers of Education in China, 13(4), 513-531. [More Information]
  • Welch, A. (2018). Immigrant student achievement and education policy in Australia. In L. Volante, D. Klinger, O. Bilgili (Eds.), Immigrant student achievement and education policy: Cross-cultural approaches, (pp. 155-173). Cham: Springer. [More Information]
  • Uslu, B., Welch, A. (2018). The influence of universities' organizational features on professorial intellectual leadership. Studies in Higher Education, 43(3), 571-585. [More Information]