About Dr Andrew Ross

Dr. Andrew Ross is a Lecturer in TESOL in the Sydney School of Education and Social Work. Andrew’s work is diverse and interdisciplinary in nature, but with two key themes. First, his work has mapped the relationship between language learner emotions and their motivation to learn another langauge. More recently, Andrew's work has focused on critical discourse studies, particularly in the area of new media (e.g. Internet memes, Twitter). Andrew is interested in continuing to explore the manner in which new media platforms are re-shaping language use and communication, with a particular focus on the socio-political domain.

Research interests

  • Emotions and identities in language education
  • Applied Linguistics
  • Critical Discourse Studies
  • New media discourse(s)
  • Sociolinguistics
  • Digital communication
  • Political communication

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Selected publications

  • Ross, A., Rivers, D. (2019). "Froome with his SKY bodyguards, layers of armour" - The 'Sport is War' conceptual metaphor in Grand Tour cycling commentary. Communication and Sport, 7(2), 176-197. [More Information]
  • Ross, A., Bhatia, A. (2019). #secondcivilwarletters from the front: Discursive illusions in a trending Twitter hashtag. New Media and Society, In press. [More Information]
  • Lamont, M., Ross, A. (2019). Deconstructing embedded meaning in cyclists' Instagram discourse: #fromwhereiride. Annals of Leisure Research, In press.
  • Ross, A., Rivers, D. (2019). Internet memes, media frames, and the conflicting logics of climate change discourse. Environmental Communication, Online first. [More Information]