About Associate Professor Jacqueline Manuel

Jackie's teaching, research and publishing is in the field of secondary English education and literature. Her particular research interests include teenagers and reading, the history and development of secondary English curriculum, and the experiences of early career teachers of English. She coordinates the secondary English curriculum methodology in the School and is involved in a range of ways with the English teaching profession.

Research interests
Educational history, sociology and philosophy

  • History of education
Learning sciences; psychology of education
  • Learning technologies and new media
Research on teaching and learning
  • English and literacy

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Selected publications

  • Manuel, J., Dutton, J. (2019). Teachers in the "process of becoming": The role of pre-service teachers' narratives in developing critical reflective practice. In S. Robinson & V. Knight (Eds.), Handbook of research on critical thinking and teacher education pedagogy, (pp. 15-38). Hershey, Pennsylvania: IGI Global.
  • Manuel, J., Carter, D. (2019). The status and relevance of the Growth model for a new generation of English teachers in New South Wales, Australia. In A. Goodwyn, C. Durrant, W. Sawyer, L. Scherff & D. Zancanella (Eds.), The future of English teaching worldwide: Celebrating 50 years from the Dartmouth Conference, (pp. 133-145). Oxon: Routledge.
  • Manuel, J., Carter, D., Dutton, J. (2018). 'As much as I love being in the classroom..': Understanding secondary English teachers' workload. English in Australia, 53(3), 5-22.
  • Carter, D., Manuel, J. (2018). Early-career English teachers' perspectives on teaching literature in secondary schools. In A. Goodwyn, C. Durrant, L. Reid, L. Scherff (Eds.), International perspectives on the teaching of literature in schools: Global principles and practices, (pp. 88-99). Oxon: Routledge. [More Information]
  • Carter, D., Manuel, J., Dutton, J. (2018). How do secondary school English teachers score NAPLAN?: A snapshot of English teachers' views. Australian Journal of Language and Literacy, 41(3), 144-154.