About Professor Steve Chadban

(1) Transplant immunology - the interface between innate and adaptive immunity with focus on macrophages, Toll-like receptors and the interactions between immune cells and parenchymal kidney cells; (2) Long-term outcomes after kidney transplantation, with focus on new-onset diabetes after transplantation, recurrent disease, graft and patient survival and; (3) The epidemiology of Chronic Kidney Disease, as lead investigator in the AusDiab Kidney study.

Clinician-scientist with research interests in the basic immunology of kidney disease and transplant rejection, clinical outcomes after kidney transplantation and the epidemiology of chronic kidney disease.

Professor Chadban works as a clinician scientist at Royal Prince Alfred Hospital and the University of Sydney. Professor Chadban received the University Medal for Medicine in Newcastle, trained in Newcastle then moved to Monash to complete FRACP training in Nephrology and a PhD (1995-7) in kidney immunopathjology, then a post-doc at Cambridge as a Jacquot scholar, prior to returning to Monash to run the kidney and pancreas transplant program and establish research teams in basic immunology, clinical transplantation and epidemiology of kidney disease. Since moving to RPAH in 2003 he has continued these clinical and research themes:

  1. epidemiology of chronic kidney disease (CKD), as lead investigator in the AusDiab Kidney Study and CI in NHMRC Centre for Clinical and Research Excellence ($2M) and Capacity Building ($2M) grants in kidney disease. He is a member of KHA committees in early detection and management of CKD, exploring translation into practice.
  2. clinical kidney transplantation - focusing on clinical trials in immunosuppression and long-term outcomes after kidney transplantation. He has given multiple national and international presentations, is ANZDATA Chairman and councilor of the TSANZ.
  3. basic immunology of glomerulonephritis and transplant rejection, focusing on macrophages and the interface between innate and adaptive immunity. He has 2 NHMRC grants and multiple papers in journals including Journal of Clinical Investigation.
He supervises 2 post-docs and 5 PhDs. He has published in all the major kidney and transplant journals, New England Journal of Medicine and Lancet. The combination of lab and clinical roles places Professor Chadban ideally to link developments in basic science, epidemiology and clinical medicine and translate these into clinical practice.

Selected publications

For a comprehensive list of Professor Chadban's publicatons, please visit his Sydney Medical School profile page.