About Dr Jon Callow

Jon is an experienced teacher, having worked in primary schools, universities and in professional development for teachers. His areas of expertise include primary English and literacy teaching. His research areas include visual literacy, multimodality, the use of ICT to support literacy and multimodal learning, as well as student creativity and engagement. As a professional literacy consultant, he has worked alongside teachers in their classrooms, in Australia and the US. He is passionate about engaging and equitable education for all his students.

Research interests

Research on teaching and learning

  • English and literacy
  • multimodality
  • visual literacy
  • functional semiotics
  • ICT and literacy, including the use of ipads in the K-6 classroom
Social structures, inequalities and social justice
  • Social change
  • student engagment
Keywords: pedagogy, equity, technology, visual literacy, literacy, multimodality, semiotics

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Selected publications

  • Callow, J., Rushton, K. (2019). A gallery of practices - Mobile learning, language, literacy and the arts (K-6). In G. Oakley (Eds.), Mobile technologies in children's language and literacy: Innovative pedagogy in preschool and primary education, (pp. 29-49). Bingley U.K.: Emerald Publishing Limited. [More Information]
  • Callow, J. (2018). Classroom assessment and picture books - strategies for assessing how students interpret multimodal texts. Australian Journal of Language and Literacy, 41(1), 5-20.
  • Callow, J. (2018). Engaging in a Literate Life: Stories From Five Countries. The Reading Teacher, 72(2), 143-147. [More Information]
  • Callow, J. (2017). "Nobody Spoke Like I Did": Picture Books, Critical Literacy, and Global Contexts. The Reading Teacher, 71(2), 231-237. [More Information]