About Associate Professor Robyn Gibson

Robyn writes about primary-school education in the visual and creative arts. Her past research focused on children's attitudes to art, art making and art education. Currently she is examining the role of arts education in academic motivation, engagement & achievement as part of a large ARC funded research project. Her other academic research – which utilises interdisciplinary methodologies such as arts-informed inquiry and a/r/tography concerns art as research; research as art particularly the connection between clothes & memory.

Research interests Research on teaching and learning

  • Creative and performing arts
  • Teacher education and professional learning
Keywords: creative & visual arts education, the arts and learning, arts-informed inquiry

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Selected publications

  • Burns, E., Martin, A., Mansour, M., Anderson, M., Gibson, R., Liem, G. (2019). Motivational processes that support arts participation: An examination of goal orientations and aspirations. Psychology of Aesthetics, Creativity, and the Arts, Online first. [More Information]
  • Mansour, M., Martin, A., Anderson, M., Gibson, R., Liem, G., Sudmalis, D. (2018). Young people's creative and performing arts participation and arts self-concept: A longitudinal study of reciprocal effects. The Journal of Creative Behavior, 52(3), 240-255. [More Information]
  • Tan, M., Gibson, R. (2017). 'You feel like you're an artist. Like Leonardo da Vinci': Capturing young children's voices and attitudes towards visual arts. International Journal of Education through Art, 13(3), 295-315. [More Information]
  • Mansour, M., Martin, A., Anderson, M., Gibson, R. (2017). Getting into flow in the arts classroom: Research findings and implications for practice. Educational Practice and Theory, 39(2), 5-15. [More Information]