About Associate Professor Jen Scott Curwood

Dr Jen Scott Curwood is an Associate Professor in English Education and Media Studies at the University of Sydney, where she is the Chair of the Humanities and Social Sciences Ethics Committee and on the management team of the Centre for Research on Learning and Innovation.

Jen's research explores the intersections of literacy, creativity, and technology. Her major area of emphasis was Literacy Studies, with minors in Composition and Rhetoric as well as Educational Psychology. Prior to pursuing her doctorate, Jen was a public school teacher. She taught middle school and high school English, and she is accredited as a K-12 reading specialist.

Research interests

  • Literacy and literature
  • Learning technologies and new media
  • Teacher education and professional learning

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Selected publications

  • Magnifico, A., Lammers, J., Curwood, J. (2019). Developing methods to trace participation patterns across online writing. Learning, Culture and Social Interaction, In press / Corrected proof. [More Information]
  • Biddolph, C., Curwood, J. (2018). Accessibility, activity, and agency: Empowering teachers to use Twitter as a professional development tool. United Kingdom Literacy Association Annual Conference, Cardiff, Wales.
  • Bell, A., Curwood, J., Ross, J. (2018). Assessment in a Digital Age: Rethinking Multimodal Artefacts in Higher Education. 13th International Conference of the Learning Sciences (ICLS 2018), London: International Society of the Learning Sciences.
  • Curwood, J., Magnifico, A., Lammers, J., Stornaiuolo, A. (2018). Ethical considerations in online research. Literacy Research Association Annual Conference, Indian Wells, California, USA.
  • Magnifico, A., Curwood, J., Lammers, J. (2018). Exploring how teachers can bring innovative digital literacies into the classroom. United Kingdom Literacy Association Annual Conference, Cardiff, Wales.
  • Howard, S., Curwood, J., McGraw, K. (2018). Leaders fostering teachers' learning environments for technology integration. In J. Voogt, G. Knezek, R. Christensen, & K. Lai (Eds.), Second handbook of information technology in primary and secondary education, (pp. 515-533). Cham: Springer. [More Information]