About Dr Kellie Burns

Kellie's research interests include gender, sexuality, citizenship, sport and media cultures, and health. She conducted a large case study of the Sydney 2002 Gay Games, exploring the contested relationships between sport, sexualities, citizenship and the increasingly neoliberal mandates of large global sport and tourism events. She has been involved in a series of research initiatives around HPV and sexual health knowledge in secondary and tertiary educational settings in both Australia and Canada.

She is currently investigating the socio-historical role of schools as public health spaces across the late nineteen and early twentieth centuries, examining how ideas about childhood disease and health have been constructed.

Research interests
Health and sport

  • History and sociology of sport
Social structures, inequalities and social justice
  • Gender relations and gender identity
  • Sexuality and sexual identity
Keywords: gender/sexuality and sport, sexualities education, pedagogies of health and wellbeing, school as clinical setting, gender, sexual citizenship

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Selected publications

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  • Burns, K., Proctor, H., Sriprakash, A. (2018). Growing up. In A. Welch, R. Connell, N. Mockler, A. Sriprakash, H. Proctor, D. Hayes et al. (Eds.), Education, Change and Society: Fourth Edition, (pp. 21-42). Melbourne: Oxford University Press.
  • Brady, A., Burns, K., Davies, C. (2018). Mediating sexual citizenship: Neoliberal subjectivities in television culture. Oxon: Routledge. [More Information]
  • Proctor, H., Burns, K. (2017). The connected histories of mass schooling and public health. History of Education Review, 46(2), 118-124. [More Information]