About Dr Steve Georgakis

Steve was appointed to the Faculty of Education and Social Work in 2002 and has a long standing interest and passion in physical education and school sport, teacher education, history and sociology of sport and pedagogy for learning. He served as program director of the Human Movement and Health Education Program and has taught in all undergraduate teaching programs in the Faculty including primary undergraduate, primary and secondary M-teach, double degree, general education and study abroad.

Research interests
Health and sport

  • History and sociology of sport
Research on teaching and learning
  • Health and physical education and development
  • Learning and teaching in higher education

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Selected publications

  • Evans, J., Georgakis, S., Wilson, R. (2017). Indigenous games and sports in the Australian national curriculum: Educational benefits and opportunities? ab-Original: Journal of Indigenous Studies and First Nations and First Peoples' Cultures, 1(2), 195-213.
  • Georgakis, S., Graham, J. (2016). From Comparative Education to Comparative Pedagogy: A Physical Education Case Study. International Education Journal, 15(1), 105-115.
  • Georgakis, S., Molloy, S. (2016). From old soccer to new football? Expert accounts of transformations on the world game in Australia post-Crawford Report. Soccer and Society, 17(1), 72-89. [More Information]
  • Ward, J., Georgakis, S. (2016). Identity in Australia: A case study on the role of sport in the ego identity formation process. Journal of Sports Research, 3(2), 56-72. [More Information]