About Associate Professor Nigel Bagnall

Nigel Bagnall has extensive professional and consulting experience in a wide range of educational settings. His work in international schools and his research on the International Baccalaureate has established his reputation in the field of international curriculum in cross-cultural settings. His current research interests include education and belonging, global identity, youth transition and the role of international schools as agents for change.

Research interests
Educational history, sociology and philosophy

  • Sociology of education
Educational systems: administration, management and leadership
  • International and comparative education

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Selected publications

  • Sadeghi, S., Bagnall, N., Jacobson, M. (2020). e-Pedagogical practice assessment in a higher education comparative context. In M. Auer & T. Tsiatsos (Eds.), The challenges of the digital transformation in education. Proceedings of the 21st International Conference on Interactive Collaborative Learning (ICL2018) - Volume 1, (pp. 308-320). Cham: Springer. [More Information]
  • de Albuquerque Moreira, A., Paul, J., Bagnall, N. (2019). Intercultural studies in higher education: Policy and practice. New York: Palgrave Macmillan.
  • Welch, A., Connell, R., Mockler, N., Sriprakash, A., Proctor, H., Hayes, D., Foley, D., Vickers, M., Bagnall, N., Burns, K., Low, R., Groundwater-Smith, S. (2018). Education, Change and Society: Fourth Edition. Melbourne: Oxford University Press.
  • Wettewa, V., Bagnall, N. (2017). International School Choice in Sri Lanka. In Quan Vinh (Eds.), Sri Lanka: Economic, Political and Social Issues, (pp. 31-56). New York: Nova Science Publishers.
  • Colgate, O., Ginns, P., Bagnall, N. (2017). The role of invitations to parents in the completion of a child's home reading challenge. Educational Psychology, 37(3), 298-311. [More Information]